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Keeping your space clean is one positive sign of a good business. We at The World is Yours Cleaning Service intend to keep your space in Los Angeles, CA that way, as we dedicate our cleaning space expertise. So don’t hold back if you can’t control the clutter in your space, don’t wait for customers to comment on it either. Established in 2021 with 8 years of experience, we are on standby, ready for your call.

Our Services

Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning
Experience unparalleled full house cleaning service. We offer meticulous full house cleaning, ensuring every room and corner shines. Our team provides reliable and quality cleaning services, tailored to make your living space spotless and inviting.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Our commercial cleaning services are dedicated to businesses of all sizes. We deliver reliable cleaning with attention to detail, ensuring your commercial space reflects professionalism and high standards. Trust us to provide quality cleaning services that keep your business environment pristine and welcoming.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
Specializing in residential cleaning, we pride ourselves on creating spotless, healthy living environments. Our services encompass a full range of cleaning tasks, tailored to your home's specific needs. Expect nothing less than reliable, thorough, and quality cleaning services that transform your living space.

Move-In Cleaning

Move-In Cleaning
Start fresh in your new residence with our move-in cleaning services. We provide a thorough, deep clean, ensuring every inch of your new space is welcoming and hygienic. Our quality cleaning services make moving in a smoother, more pleasant experience.

Move-Out Cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning
Our move-out cleaning services are designed to leave your former home in immaculate condition. Whether for sale or lease, we provide a comprehensive clean, ensuring a spotless, well-maintained space ready for its next occupants.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
 Elevate your workplace with our professional office cleaning services. We focus on creating a clean, orderly, and efficient work environment. Our reliable cleaning solutions and quality service ensure your office is a productive, pleasant space for everyone.

The Benefits

Get cleaner spaces while enjoying discounted prices when you book our team using a referral discount. The same quality of services will be given to our clients who were given to us by previous clients. So don’t hesitate if someone directs you to us. Your space will get a professional touch of clean surfaces and spotless corners when we’re around.

How We Work

We provide reliable cleaning services to our clients by only using high-quality equipment, products, and supplies, among other things. We ascertain that each job is completed on time, and we eagerly await your call. Once we get your request, we will provide you with a free estimate. When you receive it, we will wait for your confirmation before proceeding. Once booked, our team will prepare our tools, equipment, and the products necessary to complete the requested service.

Areas Served:

Our team is available to serve in Los Angeles, CA and in the following areas:

  • San Marino, CA
  • Walnut Park, CA
  • Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • East San Gabriel, CA
  • Commerce, CA

Are you looking for a trusted cleaning service with outstanding background? Then choose The World is Yours Cleaning Service.

Client Testimonials

I Feel Blessed to Find Them

I was searching for a full house cleaning service provider for a long time, and I finally found one. I feel blessed to have found them because they really know how to clean a house. I'm an old woman and I live with my grandson. So, I really can't move around much as I'm 76 already. Thank youuu!

The World is Yours Cleaning Service
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: (323) 713-3133

  • Home Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Move In Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

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